R9 270x gigabyte oc edition vs sapphire toxic

I'm wondering if there is a differense in oc potencial with these cards. I'm planning on oc Even more than the factory oc.
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    The toxic should have a higher base clock allowing for a higher manual clock. It also has a superior cooler.
  2. So i would achieve higher clock speeds on the toxic?
  3. Yeah most likely, a higher base clock requires less voltage and less heat to get to higher clocks, where the better cooler deals with the heat.
  4. Would you say that the toxic is worth the extra 49 dollars? And is it hard to overclock a gpu, never done it before.
  5. I would say it is. As for OCing its fairly easy, you simply increase the speeds by 10MHz each time, then once it crashes you turn it down 10, and repeat for the memory. Once you reach the max you can increase the voltage to allow for even more speed, but that produces heat.
  6. Ok, but i was just wondering. There can't be that big of a differense between the two coolers because they both have Three fans.
  7. The fans themselves push more air, the heatsinks themselves vary as well. They also are on two different PCBs so each card is made different. Some dual fan cards, such as the ASUS Matrix are better than 3 fan coolers in some cases.
  8. OK, and just noe last question. Will There be a big differense in games between these two.
  9. Maybe 5-7 frames at most at stock speeds. To some that is worth it in its own. The OC is where the money pays off.
  10. I know this may be a hard question, but what do you think would be the difference in clock speeds and fps when both are max overclocked.
  11. Clock speeds I cant tell, as it varies card to card, but performance overall at max speeds(whatever that may be) It should be 10-15 over the gigabyte.
  12. OK, thank you so much for your help.
  13. No problem!
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