I7 4770k with gtx 650 OR i5 4670 with gtx 760?

What is better for gaming? Intel i7 4770k with gtx 650 or intel i5 4670 with gtx 760?
Budget doesn't matter, I want to know which setup of cpu and gpu brings me to good gaming.
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  1. For gaming, a good rule of thumb is that you're gpu should be worth more than your cpu. So what I'd do is get an i5 4670k and a 760.
  2. i5 is pretty much equal to i7 in games. the 760 destroys the 650. i5 4670k and 760. if i answered your question please select it as best andswer and close the thread
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    i5 hands down. the i5 is as good as i7 in gaming. and the 760 kills the 650 in performance. most games are gpu dependent so go for the better gpu and enjoy. click solved and tag best answer :)
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