Help Can This Handle New Games Coming out like gta5 on pc call of duty ghost and bf4 and minecraft at 1920x1080??

hi i would like to know if i can use my old 1tb Hard Drive and Cd Drive in my new gaming pc im going to build? and i got a 585W heres the specs

case Rosewill challenger gaming atx mid tower

cpu intel i7-3770 ivy bridge 3.4GHz 3.9GHz turbo LGA1155

Ram G.Skill Ripjaws Z Series 8GB

motherBoard Msi H87-G43 LGA1155

Windows 8.1 64bit

Video Card MSI R9 270X Gaming 2GB

Got The rest if i can use the Hard drive and CD Drive
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  1. Your mobo won't be compatible with your CPU. You can either shell out another $20 and get the Haswell version (i7 4770) or find a mobo that works with ivy bridge. Other than that, it looks like that should work just fine for gaming (although depending on the game you will probably be around mid settings).

    If you plan on doing any sort of overclocking or if you plan on using Crossfire anytime in the future, I would suggest that you buy a z77/z87 board instead and that you buy the unlocked (k) version for your CPU. If not, the standard CPU and h77/h87 setup will work just fine.

    Links for compatible boards/CPUs:

    Haswell CPU:
    i7 4770:


    h77 mobos:
    ASUS P8H77-V:
    ASRock H77M:
    MSI ZH77A-G43:

    EDIT: Oh yeah, as for your hard drive I would assume that as long as you wipe it before you reuse it then it should be fine.
  2. How would this run on bf4? on ultra or high?
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