Will i need to OC my I7?

So i'm really wondering ( Very new to OC CPUs etc)
I'm gonna buy a Maximus Hero VI + I7-4770k & 8 GB ram.

Will i need to OC in order to stream ?
I'm probably also gonna stream the following,

Battlefield 4 / Call of Duty Ghost
Emulator games PS2/Nintendo consoles N64~Gamecube(Zelda games)
I will OC in the future but for now i've got literally EVERY penny that i have saved up into this upgrade. so i can't afford a decent cooler right now. So OC is a no go for me for the next month or two.

And my second question is, Lets say i do overclock it to 4.1/4.2 Will i notice the difference? And will it always remain @ that even when idle? or can i see it like a turbo boost that it stays at 3.5 or w/e and when ever it needs more power it goes up to 4.2?

Thanks in advance,

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  1. OC is not necessary with that CPU! It is a good option to have for the future as things get more tasking.
  2. Thats good to hear! so even while streaming & running a emulator i should be good?
    i would be really suprised since my own CPU atm can barely do one of those tasks alone!
  3. Well what is the current CPU?
  4. My current CPU is a amd phenom II X4 945 3.0ghz in combination with a GTX 760. And while playing lets say black ops 2 and i want to stream my PC starts to lag badly and drop massive frames. And if i want to play lets say, Wind waker(zelda) in particular areas my frames drop to 10-15 and get real bad lag waves.
  5. Best answer
    Here using 955 for comparison! Massive difference
  6. Damn... Thats a hell of a difference!
    can't wait till i get my hands on it! thank you so much:)!
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