I'm looking to upgrade my build.

I currently have a i5-4570.

16GB of RAM

Running windows 7 64-bit

An Asrock H87 Pro4 mother board

The Pro series 550w psu

My case is the NXZT tempest 410

My storage is a 2T HDD

I don't know what my Graphics card is but it is not amazing.

I want to upgrade my Graphics card to the Nvida GeForce GTX 780

Link to the product page

Lastly, I need advice on what psu I need to buy to support this new addition.

Thank you for your time.
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  1. You'd be okay getting the 780. You could also get some stuff like an SSD for faster boot times, larger hard drive. What kind of upgrades do you mean? What's your budget?
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    Scratch what I said about being okay with the power supply. Amit Parmars is good. I didn't realize the 780 needed 600w or greater.
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