when I plugged in my power cord to the tower it sparked and tben Smelled burnt, did I damage it?

I accidently plugged in the moniter cord to the tower and got a spark and now my computer won't power up. How bad did I damage it????
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  1. With out inspecting it it is hard to tell. Can you describe what really happened better like what monitor cord and where did you plug it in?
  2. It's a compac computer. I plugged the moniter cord into the tower power plug and then I plugged it into the surge protector a spark came out and it smelled burnt. I unplugged it right away and found the right cord and plugged that in and now it won't turn on. The moniter cord is ok cuz the moniter turns on.
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    So basically the power cord for both?
    First thing to get power on the computer would be the PSU but really if the power cords have identical connectors they should work for either. The spark indicates a short and most likely the PSU.
  4. No 2 different cords but.both fit
  5. That is what I mean if the both fit, they are just your standard single phase 3 prong power cord. In any case then that is not what should have damaged anything!
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