How do I run more than one pair of speakers at a time?

Hello, I have an Audio Research Pre Amp that only has two outputs for stereo speakers. Is there an adapter or device that I can use to run more than one pair of speakers at a time?

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  1. Hi
    If that is a pre amp then it cannot run speakers directly and must be fed into a power amp.
    If that is the case any pre amp can drive multiple power amps and all you would need would be a splitter cable.
    If however it is a normal amplifier (pre and power amps in one box) then you would need to check the lowest speaker impedance that the amplifier can support.
    For example if the amp can output into 4 ohms then you could use two 8 ohm speakers on that channel by simply connecting two sets of speaker wires into each binding post.
    You could also wire the speakers in series but this would reduce the output volume of the amplifier.
  2. Hello,
    First off, thank you VERY much for your reply. Secondly, I have to apologize. I impulsively asked a question before giving specific info on my system. So, please let me start over.

    I have an Audio Research model 150.2 High Definition power amp and an Audio Research model sp16 High Definition pre amp.

    There are two sets of banana plug outputs on the back of the power amp. So they will only accommodate one pair of speakers.
    Currently, I am running a pair of PSB Stratus Gold speakers but I would like to also run another pair of Rega speakers simultaneously.
    Do you still feel a splitter is the way to go?

    Thank You Again!
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    OK, the very best but very expensive method would be to buy another power amp and use a splitter cable to feed each power amp from the pre amp.
    If you want to connect two speakers to one speaker output then you could use these]http://.
    However you should ensure that the impedance of both the speakers in parallel ( two 8 ohm speakers in parallel give a 4 ohm impedance) is higher than the minimum impedance that the amp will work at.
  4. Great, thank you so much! I REALLY appreciate your help!
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