Hooking up TV & PC via HDMI cables.Pulling my hair out. Please read post for details.

We just bought a new Toshiba 39L1350U television and a Bose Solo speaker set.There are multiple HDMI connectors on the television. We hooked up the t.v. to the FIOS box via HDMI and had it in HDMI 1. The audio is hooked up via an optical cable. Everything works fine. Then to see how it would work (we're new at this stuff), we unplugged the HDMI from the FIOS box and plugged it into the HDMI on my wife's desktop pc and play some videos and that worked fine. So, we went out and bought another HDMI cable so we could use both the FIOS television signal and the PC when we wanted to watch videos etc. The FIOS is hooked up to HDMI 1 and the PC has a single HDMI cable going to HDMI 2. An optical cable connects the t.v. to the Bose Solo. When we decide to watch something from the PC and switch the t.v. input from HDMI 1 to HDMI 2 we get the PC video but no audio. Now here comes the weird part (at least to us novices). If we then disconnect the HDMI cable that was in number 2 and plug it into 1 or 3 and use the t.v. menu to select that input the sound will work. THEN, if we switch back to the FIOS via the input and go back AGAIN to the PC the PC will not have audio again. I don't know if I explained this very well, but I'm a so confused now it might not be very clear. Please ask if you need me to explain anything better. Thanks.
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    No you explained well. I Think i may know whats going on. I have a SHARP 42 inch with 3 HDMI inputs. now ONE of them does NOT have audio in though the HDMI! I have to plug in a RCA (Red and White Cable) to get audio. So check to make sure thats not the issue! Try plugging something else like the FIOS box into the HDMI 2 and see if you get audio though the TV on that? If not that explains why your not getting audio is maybe because that one doesn't do audio only video.
  2. Thanks. I'm glad it made sense. Unfortunately, the FIOS box works fine regardless of where I plug it in. The PC actually seems to work with any HDMI port as long as I plug it in before plugging in the FIOS cable and have the TV switched to that input setting. BUT, if I then change the input setting on the TV to FIOS, when I change it back to the PC there is no sound anymore. It will only be working with FIOS.
  3. Hmmmm...Now you have the optical audio go to the sound system from the FIOS box to the sound system right? I wounder if that may have anything to do with it. Maybe rather than going from the Optical from the FIOS to the Sound System plug it from the TV Optical Out to the Sound system? (This will also let you get sound to the sound system though anything plugged into the TV) Just food for thought.
  4. Nope, the optical audio is already going from the TV to the sound system. Sheesh, this is frustrating to figure out.
  5. haha so are you not getting any sound though the TV or the Sound System or both? If your not getting anything though the sound system but them TV something isn't switching over properly.

    If you aren't getting sound on either then it may be something on the PC side that is chaning. I know if you go to Control pannel and then Sound check and make sure the HDMI is set at default. I know on my laptop when i plug in a HDMI it will automatically put the sound though to the TV but my video card is a bit more iffy on that. I have to go in and set it as default. So that may be happening too. If you don't get any sound though TV or Sound System with it plugged into TV check the sound settings and see what is set as the default audio device
  6. You said your PC audio works until you switch to another input. Your PC might be switching to another audio output when you change to a different hdmi input, and failing to switch back. Make sure hdmi is your default audio output. You can check this by right clicking the speaker icon in the bottom right corner of your screen and clicking playback devices.
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