Why do i have to scale my display on a 27 inch monitor.

I recently bought a 27 inch monitor and hooked it up to my PC through HDMI but when it booted my computer up, the display didnt fit the screen so i had to scale it through the graphics card settings, is it not weird that i had to do that with only a 27 inch monitor? Something strange happened tonight were it looked like my web browser had crashed but then my tv went on stand by because it wasnt picking up any signals, then i moved my mouse and it was fine, not sure if this is related in anyway. Any help would be great :P
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  1. I have run into the same thing when connecting a new monitor or video card for the first time and I usually go into the screen resolution and select landscape.
  2. Ok i will look into that? Any idea why my monitor lossed signal to my computer? so far it only happened once and i hadn't touched my computer in awhile so wasnt sure if it was a stand by thing, it definitely is an issue from my computer rather than an issue with my monitor :P
  3. You may want to take a look at your Power plan options , there are settings in there for putting everything to sleep or powering down after a certain amount of time. The monitor is included in powering down so it can be set for 15min, 30min or never. You have to go through eact option to set it the way you want. Hard drive , CPU are also included in powering down.

    Control panel>system and security>power options>power plans
  4. Ok man thanks, i checked some of that the day i had these issues and i couldnt really see anything up with those settings but i havent had a chance to check in the last few days but i will have another look :)
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