My computer keeps freezing

I was told that it was most likely caused by my ram but i don't know, it works with one stick but freezes with 2.
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  1. What mobo, CPU and DRAM - the model #s
  2. Tradesman1 said:
    What mobo, CPU and DRAM - the model #s

    Mobo is asrock 277 extream 4
    CPU is Intel ivory bridge i5-357k
    The Ram is gskill sniper
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    Should be good, so - do you have the latest BIOS? Go into BIOS and enable XMP then select profile 1, no joy? are the sticks in slots 1-3 if no joy there try in slots 2-4, still no joy, back to slots 1-3 and back into BIOS - raise DRAM voltage to 1.55 and raise CPUVTT to 1.14 and try - if still no joy then think you have a bad stick, mobo or CPU - for the sticks can try them in another rig and can try other sticks in yours - still problems can check the CPU socket for bent pins, and that's about it short of having a like rig so yu can cross swap CPU and mobo
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