Best Processor Match-up for gtx660

I'd like to know from experience, what would be the best processor to pair with a EVGA Gtx 660 SC edition,

One that will run hand in hand without creating a bottleneck. :]

Also, as of preference, i'd like to stick to intel for my own reasons! Thanks guys
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  1. whats ur budget?
  2. Any last 3 generation I5 will work fine with it. I5 3350P for example.
  3. an i5 k series tend to be the best bang for the buck when using intel. anything above that has really diminishing returns for money spent and increase in performance. you can also overclock any k series chip
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    proabably a FX-6300 will do but i5 is preferable
  5. i'd like to stay around the 150-200 area, this is my budget PC build, thanks for the help so far guys!
  6. Good choice rolli or if going amd 8350 is great as well
  7. 8320 is just as good as the 8350 with a bit of OC, and it saves some cash
  8. i agree depends if u wanna oc or not
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