Final word on overclocking the HD 7770 GHz Edition 2GB

Here's my full build if its relevant to anyones reply.
(Don't make fun of my HDD :( getting an SSD from santy)

My Graphics Card
I've read a bunch of conflicting things on what you can overclock this thing to. The only one I've had the balls to try was GPU clock to 1200 and Mem clock to 1300 (because i read a convincing post on overclockers that said it can do 1200 and 1500 without problem)
I got screen flickers and BSOD with that. So yeah. i'm just wondering what this thing can actually go up to. I'll use whatever program works so no worries there. I used asus gpu tweak when i got the BSOD. Again, haven't had the balls to try other configs based on second hand suggestions. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. a couple of things here:
    1. use heaven benchmark and run it in windowed mode to test your setup.

    2. I prefer msi afterburner to the asus tool but whatever works. Just make sure that you can watch temps.

    3. lower all of your clocks to factory

    4. run the heaven benchmark and increase your core clock by ten at a time until you see artifacts, make sure that you give each new clock time to settle in and know that it is stable. you do not need to stop the benchmark just let it loop and watch your temps (stay under 80C)

    5. lower core clock to factory

    6. do like you did for the core clock but to your memory making sure to take small steps.

    7. you now have your maximums for your GPU and memory

    8. from this point i would use both of your maxes minus 50-100 MHz depending on how safe you want to be. (lowering by 100 is safer)

    9. now bump up each of your core clock and memory by ten points till you see artifacts. once you see artifacts lower the clocks
  2. I bumped up my GPU and memory cores by 50 using CCC just to see what would happen. ran a game for a while and then BSOD. At this stage I'm wondering if some of my system instability could be remedied by UNDERclocking my card. Could i need more voltage? its at 1.21 atm.
    (Afterburner doesn't want to let me have control over the core voltage for some reason, I have Power Limit% control in afterburner GPU Tweak has full voltage control though)
    Anyways. I haven't had any temp problems anyways. haven't seen much over 50-60 degrees at full load.
    I have my CPU overclocked to 4ghz and my memory manually configured to 1866 (its SPD was 1600).
    Thanks for the fast reply btw. Really appreciate it.
  3. no problem I am at work doing tech support so I am here for another couple of hours before I go drinking. I would not use any game to test stability since it brings in other potential errors. the nice thing about the temp program I recommended is that you can see the temps of your ram also.

    If you use afterburner 3.0 beta there is an option in the settings to unlock voltage control and that should do the trick there.

    what happens at stock speeds while using the heaven benchmark(it is free).

    remember you can change the core clocks while running the benchmark in windowed mode.

    also do not test both the ram and memory at the same time till you know the limits of each individual component. I have overclocked many cards very successfully and my procedure will bring results and keep you from bsod.

    also if you get a bsod when you restart I do recommend that you also do another restart right after the bsod so that you get a clean shutdown. I have had issues arise when overclocking and not having a clean restart
  4. I've tinkered around with it a little and tried your method. I got a BSOD before i ever got any artifacts though. I found a setting on asus gpu tweak (afterburner still doesn't allow voltage control even with that option box ticked btw) that links the voltage to the core speed. seems at max allowable voltage the best it can go up to is 1160 (i think. afk right now). seems i'm only getting bsod when i play around with the memory speed anyways though. I think i know enough now to do an overclock without issue. I just want to make sure that my results are what one would expect.

    for a start, in that gpu tweak utility it shows the memory clock at around 4400 (cant remember the units its using). to get a 10mhz increase in heaven benchmark i have to increase it by 50, heaven shows normal numbers for the speeds in its display.

    oh, and i'm getting 18-25fps in heaven with ultra quality at 1080p, no tesellation, no AA and dual audio (guessing that setting doesn't matter much). I'll have to do a vanilla benchmark and then use an OC profile.
  5. Best answer
    your circumstance is true for many cards. what I am surmising is that your memory is as high as it can go without a voltage increase. most cards do not allow you to change your voltage for memory (msi twin frozr cards will allow memory voltage increase).

    So for your card I would leave the memory alone and just make small increases to the core clock.
  6. Here's what i've ended up with.
    I think i've juiced as much power out of this thing as i'm going to. i've heard that you don't even get a lot out of overclocking memory anyways so i'm not too pushed about that. Shame i couldn't get more than 70 mhz out of the gpu though. and according to that i got 40mhz out of the memory without voltage control and it all seems pretty stable. I also configured the fan to be a tad more aggressive but nothing crazy. If i run into anything else i'll report back here. Again, thanks a lot for your effort man. You're a legend.

    EDIT: Side by side of benchmark tests before and after.
  7. If you do want to try and push it any further you can always set that power limit a little higher. this changes the amount wattage that you can draw from your power supply.
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