Can I set up RAID 0 with two HDD and one SSD as boot drive?

I'm building a new PC, I bought 2 Caviar black 1tb mechanic HDD and one 120GB Solid State Drive (SSD) what I want to know is, is it possible to set up RAID 0 only on the two mechanical HDD and leaven the SSD alone just to use it as a boot drive (install my OS in it)?
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  1. yup, sure is.
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    Install your O/S on your SSD before you connect your HDDs and create your RAID-0 array.

    Have your SATA ports set to RAID mode before you install the O/S. Your SSD will automatically default to AHCI mode since it is not part of an actual RAID array.

    After your O/S has been successfully installed on your SSD you can then shut down your pc, connect your HDDs, boot into RAID BIOS and create your RAID array.
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