Need better graphics card!!!!

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    its onboard graphics so if you try to play some high end games on it, it ain't gonna play very well. Get something like this

    something thats a low profile and doesn't require any external power source and you will be much happier
  2. You might be able to fit a low profile graphics card into your system but if you do you'll also need to upgrade your power supply which is troublesome because, like the graphics card, you'll need a special, smaller PSU to fit your slimline case.

    The card recommended by drtweak requires a minimum of a 400 Watt power supply as noted in the specifications. Your HP slimline has a 220w power supply.

    If you're entering the PC gaming culture, it may be best to sell your slimline and put that money towards a custom gaming build.
  3. I've put similar card is smillar systems (250 watt range) without issue. I don't think he will have an issue and besides finding a higher wattage PSU for a slim like would be hard to find.

    Most name brand PC's come with 300 watts or less. NEVER had an issue tossing in a like a GT620 or anything that doesn't require an extra power connector.

    And that card was just an example. there are other cards that require less.
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