Optiplex 755 low profile video card Core2Duo 3ghz 4GB Ram

I am looking for the best video card for my Optiplex 755 Small Form Factor computer. There is a pci and pci-e slot for cards with low profile brackets. The pci-e slot is on top,close to the hard drive, so I am not sure how big a fan it can have on it.

I would like to be able to play games decently like CS:Source,Fallout3,HL2, or maybe better but I have full tower PC's for that.

The specs are Intel Core2Duo 3.0ghz with 4GB ram. I would like to get the fastest possible video card for my CPU but also want something that doesn't run intrinsically hot because I may use this to run a dedicated game server,and these small machines don't have the best cooling, but I don't suppose the graphics card will be hot running a server.

I was looking at the ATI 1300 standard PCI Low pro with 400mhz GPU for 40bucks but thats probably not much better than the onboard chip but may be able to fit something like the 800mhz Sapphire 7750 PCI-E low profile. I also have to worry about the SFF 275w power supply that probably doesn't have any extra power connectors. Is there any upgrades for the PS?
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    better off getting a more powerful PCIe low profile over a PCI. PCI is almost dead and those cards are usually more expensive than their PCIe counter parts. Like nvidia the last know PCI card they made that i know of was a 430/440. A 7750 will run your games just fine and since they don't need any extra power adapters like the high end cards you'll be fine on the PSU.

    Its about a 100 bucks but i'm assuming thats the one you were looking at? an ATI 1300 is a thing of the past. Stay away from it. The good thing about the Low Profile one is that it DOES come with a full profile bracket so if you get another desktop later on down the road or what ever the case may be you can use it in that or in another PC.
  2. That looks like what I will go with. The only problem is I was considering running XP instead of Vista/7 and XP doesn't support DX11.
  3. That will run Win 7 without issue if you do. You should be able to run that video card just fine. It says 400 watt min but most stock Dells come with 275, even the desktops (I know. My company is a Dell reseller and the current optiplexs come with 275 stock) and I've tossed in cards that require 300-400 watts without issue.
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