running pci-e 3.0 graphics card in a pci-e 2.0 mother board

after installing a sapphire R7 260X in my nForce 750i SI motherboard I get frequent BS of D. Any ideas as to why?
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  1. run this program to see what is causing the bsod
  2. Are there any details about it when it happens? like the code or reason?
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    _zxzxzx_ said:
    Are there any details about it when it happens like the code or reason?

    Anonymous said:
    BS of D.

    With this i think he means:0x0000000D

    Does it happen in save mode?

    Did you get the right drivers for the R7/9 series at amd? They are somehow different from the ones for the 5->7000 series.
    Look for them at,

    Oh,when you install amd drivers you get the option of installing or removing drivers,first choose to remove the old drivers,after that install the new ones by going through the proces again.
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