Possible to install different heatsink onto GPU?

Okay I just had a funky idea but cant find anything about it. I was wondering, I have the MSI GTX 670 OC Edition card, if I could purchase a TwinFrozr heatsink from MSI and mount it onto my existing card. This is crazy but in my mind totally possible. I've already re-applied the thermal paste on card a couple of times in its life so taking them apart is nothing new.

Any help would be appreciated.
-Spencer, Zuma
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    Yes, I would say its very possible. Just make sure that the cooler you are getting meets the standard of the GPU preventing any damage to the chip. Its rare for people to place aftermarket cooler on there GPU, but I've seen people do it. I completely think its possible with the twin frozer
  2. If you are handy enough do it! I had my brand new sapphire vapor x 280x's cooler replaced with the artic cooling accelero xtreme 7970 cooler. Fan at max speed almost silent and the temp max out at only 51c fully loaded.
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