Problem with I3 2100 heating in game

so i bought gtx 780 a couple of days ago, i replaces my pc with my father's one, the pc was not meant to be for gaming.
i put my gtx 780 there, it has i3 2100 3.10GHz NOT OC, 8gb and a good psu.
i checked the temp while in game(far cry 3 everything on max) and the i3 2100 get to 70C, i checked with RealTemp and each core was heating like that. the recommanded temp in intel website is 69C.
I have on front bottom a fan that intake air.
at back top i have another fan that exhale the air out, and the psu that exhale too.
i added a fan on the side next to my GPU to help it take out the heat.

i have zalman sz cooling for the cpu.
what can i do to lower the temp a little?
i did'nt try to change the fan speed, ill try later today when i turn my pc on.
if you offer to change cpu cooling please let it be cheap, not over 30-35$

thank you very much and sorry for bad english :)
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  1. The first thing would be to yeah, Use software like speedfan to increase the fan speed, Your next option would be to reseat the CPU cooler with new thermal paste. And lastly you could just go with a whole new CPU Cooler. For a fair prace (around 45) you can get a Hyper 212 Evo if it will fit in the case.

    On a side note, 70'C for an intel isn't that bad.
  2. i'm replacing thermal paste and buying a new case with 5-6 fans, front, back, two on the side and two up.
    i was promised the temp will drop.
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    Wise Choice, In my case, I have the NZXT Phantom with 6x120mm and 1x140mm so 7 fans altogether and it creates a constant breeze going across the board so not only will it help with CPU temps but it will take down the temps of your chipset, ram, and hard drive.

    While you're at it you could pick up some high end thermal paste for around $5
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