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Greetings everyone. I'm thinking on such a config for my future gaming system:

  • Intel Core i5-4570 CPU ~ $200
  • Intel Z87 Express motherboard ~ $100-200
  • Intel H87 Express motherboard (microATX) ~ $70-140
  • 2 × 4 Gb DDR3-1600 ~ $80
  • 1Tb HDD ~ $63

These are going to be bought this month, while the next month I'll buy an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 Ti graphic card (the exact model depends on my next months budget) and will complete my config.

The idea is having reasonably future-proof computer, which will serve me for around 4 years. The upgrades that I feel would be done in the future are attaching new GPU into SLI with the existing one (will stick to a single GPU). Probably, more RAM. Probably, SSD.

What do you think of it and what mobo model can you recommend for such a config?
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  1. why not get the i5-4670K? it is $40 more, but will allow you to OC and go up to 4.5Ghz, so better future proofing.
    and get this ASRock Z87 Extreme4 with it ($145)
    of course you will need an after market cooler to be able to OC well. add that to your future upgrade plan.
  2. Anas Bashar said:
    why not get the i5-4670K?

    I studied this discussion on these two cpus and folks were saying that there are no significant impact of the overclocked cpu on gaming performance in comparison to gpu bought for the saved money.

    Can you share your thoughts on that?

    Also, how about that one you own, MSI Z87-GD65 GAMING? Actually, the only thing I strongly hate about it are those kitschy dragons on radiators :D But I'm far from being an expert so it's hard to judge.
  3. for gaming performance, the difference between an i7-4960X and i3-2600 or any 4 core CPU is ALMOST negligible given the price difference.
    the unlocked CPU is preferable for the so called "future proof" in general, not only for gaming. since you can go from 3.4Ghz to +4.5Ghz, this is a significant performance boost in general, and will serve you better on the long run.

    as for the Mobo, any Z87 mobo with 2 PCI-e3 X16 slots from a well known manufacturer will be enough, anything more will not give real performance difference, unless you are an extreme OC enthusiast and want to break some records. this extra money is way better be thrown on a better GPU, PSU or saved for getting a second GPU in the future.
    btw, i liked these synthetics on my Mobo :)
  4. Hey again and thanks for you thoughts. I appreciate your help a lot.

    So, I spent the whole day thinking about those CPUs and reading over all the articles I found in the Internet and magazines. It happened that my priorities changed and here is what I came up with:

    • It feels that OC-oriented solution isn't the path that I can freely take. Performance boost that could be gained by tuning an i5-4670K doesn't seem convincing to deal with those low-level routines, buying advanced cooling gears and being okay with increased power consumption and noise. So, an i5-4570 works for me again.
    • After studying over a significant amount of articles and user reviews I discovered that there are some downfalls of using the "upgrade PC via SLI replenishment" technique. Firstly, the thing is SLI isn't supported by a number of games. Secondly, there are probabilities of issues with overall picture quality when using SLI mode. The third thing, the most convincing one, is that it actually doesn't work for people -- lots of guys are coming back to installing single high-performant GPU instead of a multiple low-performant GPU combo. And lastly, yeap, multple GPUs meen more noise while I'd like a comfortable build.

    And thus I don't want neither CPU overclocking nor multiple GPUs, it seems that I can choose a cheaper Intel H87 board. Moreover, having less parts gives me an opportunity to build an microATX system. That's the thing which I would probably prefer. The problem is still that I don't know which mobo to choose -- there are very small quantity of reviews on H87 platform. These are the H87 microATX motherboards available at my market and I don't know which to choose:

    • AsRock H87M
    • AsRock H87M PRO4
    • ASUS H87M-E
    • ASUS H87M-PLUS
    • ASUS H87M-PRO
    • Intel DH87RL
    • MSI H87M-E33
    • MSI H87M-G43
    • MSI H87M-P32
    • MSI H87M-P33

    (The prices on those are between 70 and 140 bucks)

    I would appreciate an advice on that.
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    if you rule out the OC and multi-GPU. then ya the H87 is your optimal option.
    get the ASUS H87M-PLUS, ASUS is great quality with good costumer support and warranty.
    as for the GPU, it is a matter of perspective, i tend to go with the best GPU i can afford now.
    the idea of having two PCI-e3 slots is to make the option of another card in the future possible.
    any way, if your mind is set on one GPU forever, go with that ASUS.
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