What is the speed? Need help please.

Hello all. I needed some help in figuring out something which is kind of useless but I need to Know.

I want to know, If my internet speed is 250 KB/s, How much time will 1GB take to download?
My maths is really, really bad so if someone can clear this for me, That would be really appreciated :)

Q)My Maximum speed is 250 KB/s so how long will it exactly take for 1GB to download?
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    Well, assume that 1GB = 1000MB,
    And assume that 1MB = 1024KB

    1024KB*1000 = 1,024,000KB
    1,024,000/250KB(s) = 4,096 seconds
    4,096/60 = 68 Minutes
    68/60 = 1.13 Hours
  2. Thanks man! I did this a long time ago and now that u have the same result. I feel good lol :)
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