Upgrading pc to challenge next gen consoles

Hi guys

Crisis 3 recently made me cry when I found my current build couldnt keep up with it. With next gen coming around (already there in some places) I figure its time for an upgrade.

So the two major issues Im having is regarding PSUs and bottlenecking.

So the graphics card im pretty much set on is MSI version of the gtx 760. My current power supply does not meet the minimum requirements for it which is 500W so I need a new one. Im aiming at something a little higher than that and looking at either a 600W or 625W psu. Im not sure which one will be more value for money. Links to both are below:


Any thoughts on which is better ? Also Im not really sure whether either are compatible with the gtx 760 in terms of connectors and such but surely they are right?

On to the the second issue. Will there be any bottleneck problems after installing the card into my current build which has a i5-3470 CPU? I will only be in a position to upgrade my CPU in about a years time.
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  1. What is your current build?
  2. CPU: intel i5-3470
    GPU: GTX 550 ti
    MotherBoard: ASUS p8H77-MLE
    Dont have the specifics on my current PSU but it is a Cooler Master 475W
  3. I would go for a corsair, seasonic or XFX brand PSU as they are the most reliable. I think that the only cooler master PSUs that come recommended are the "Cooler master V series" because they are actually made by corsair.
  4. Il give corsair a look around for sure.
    Any ideas on the bottlenecking issue?
  5. Slimz said:
    Il give corsair a look around for sure.
    Any ideas on the bottlenecking issue?

    No that is a really good CPU it will not bottleneck a 760 by any means :)
  6. Best answer
    Yeah, your CPU is fine on the bottlenecking front. Definitely wont be an issue with the mid-range GPU your throwing at it.

    I would be going for a PSU like this.
    Though really, this PSU would have you covered just fine.
  7. Ok my orders been placed.
    Thanks for the help guys :)
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