My First Water Cooling Build

Hey guys, after long debate i'm going to retire my Noctua Nh-D14 and avoid the Corsair h100i and opt for a custom loop.
I am limited by size so a 360 rad is out of the equation though in the future if I decide to run this to my GFX cards Ill get another 240mm rad.

Currently the parts i'm looking at getting are these if you could provide any help or criticise anything it would be appreciated.

Water Cooling System Specs:
1. $10 Tubing - Primo Flex Advanced LRT (red, green, blue or clear .. still unsure) -

2. $59 Water Block - XSPC Raystorm -

3. $89 Radiator – XSPC AX 240 radiator white -

4. $ 108.95 Pump – Swift Tech MCP655 -

5. $25 Reservoir - MCRES Micro Rev2 Reservoir -

6. Need help with good, compatible fittings and what you guys recommend?

Total = $291.95

Currently this build will just be for my processor a Intel I5 haswell 4670k
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    Looks fine to me.

    Fittings, get as many as you need of the ones that look good. As long as it has G1/4 threads and is the appropriate size for your tubing it will work. The only difference between Barb+Clamp and Compression fittings is price and aesthetics, either will do the job just as well. I tend to get Bitspower fittings, but it really doesn't matter.
    Get a couple of rotary 90° adapters as well, might be useful for tight turns or for neatening up tubing runs.

    I suggest getting plain Distilled water, no need for pre-bottled stuff. The stuff you can find at your local grocery is fine, no need for premium distilled water. You will want a Killcoil or Biocide as well to stop stuff growing in your loop.

    Its also worth considering how you will drain this loop later on down the line.
  2. Thanks for your reply, I read about the Bitspower fittings they look good but is there like a kit or something? I am not sure how many fittings I would need I would need to order the rest of the set and actually play around with it all to realise what I needed?. Or is there like a general rule of thumb requirement of how many of which you should buy?
  3. Way I figure it out is to get an image of your case and draw the loop on it. That will give you an idea of the connections and angles your dealing with, telling you how many fittings and angle adapters you need.

    A rule of thumb is two fittings per component unless your doing something tricky. The pump comes with pre-installed 1/2" barbs so you dont have to worry about that.
  4. Thats an excellent idea, well my new 780 gtx and 4670k should be arriving in a couple hours, so I will try map it out while installing them. I have a rough Idea of what I will do, I want to install the radiator at the bottom. Most I think would go for a top installation but I want to bring the tubing across the build. Unless somebody can convince me otherwise that you should install it top before bottom, or closer to the source will yield better results etc. This is where it gets tricky or at least for me. I have the Asus V1 Formula, and I want to incorporate the thermal chill built in features to the build. not sure how that will affect the loop?. I heard a few people advising against using it.. but the way I see it, one of computers most influential and successful companies is not going to whack a cheap design onto their premium motherboards unless they were sure it works.
  5. The Crosschill apparently uses anodized Aluminium in its construction, and Aluminium is something you want to keep far away from a water-cooling loop because of corrosion concerns.
  6. Oh, why did they do that? do they have some kind of warranty on it or?
  7. What was the point of them putting it in there, if it will eventually erode your system?
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