everything i install is 32bit, but i have a 64bit system...

So as the title says; i have a 62bit windows 8 system, but everything i install is 32bit... i noticed it when i downloaded the Yogcraft modpack in minecraft, and when i pressed "Options" it said "a 64bit system i recommended for use of FAR render distance (you have 32bit)" Why would it say that? and when i check on the "task manager" it all says 32bit on steam, spotify, skype, chrome everything... does anyone have an answer to this? because I really want to get the power out of my build then running it on a 32bit software/game, because running a 32bit game would affect the frame rate if I have a 54 bit system.. right? well thanks //Robin
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  1. Pretty much everything is coded in 32bit as that's what most (read, the people who bought a computer off the shelf and/or running old machines) are using, that and many applications simply don't need the capabilities of 64bit. Its not like Steam will ever take advantage of the 4GB+ of memory it now has open to it, it will just never consume that much RAM so why bother coding it?

    As for your modpack, no idea.
  2. correct me if i'm wrong but i don't think that "small" programs like skype and steam would benefit from being 64 bit. the kick is in big applications (like photoshop, autocad and etc) and multitasking (because you can put more ram in your PC than with 32bit)
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    I think the message in fact is "A 64 bit Java is recommended for far render distance". Google it and you get tones of solutions how to install 64bit Java. For all the other programs: only a few programs are available as 64bit. As the other posters already mentioned, 64bit doesn't speed up anything, it only provides more memory.
  4. Check your bios settings.. virtualization should be enabled.
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