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Hello good people.

After my 7 year old PC, it's time to get something better, and i just want to be sure that it will last.
These are the specs.

Board - Asus Maximus VI Hero
Cpu - Intel Core I5-4670K
Ram - Kingston HyperX 16Gb
Sdd - Kingston HyperX 3K 240Gb
Hdd - WD Caviar Black 1Tb
Graph - Asus R9 280X 3Gb / x2 Crossfire
Psu - Seasonic SS-860XP2 80+ Platinum
Case - Cooler Master Stoorm Trooper

How important actually is a PCI express 3.0?
I changed from AMD FX-8350, just because there is only one board with PCI express 3.0 for AMD CPU-s and it's Sabertooth 990FX GEN 3, and i cant find it in my country.
I used AMD CPU-s my whole life (I am not a fan boy, it was more budget friendly), and now decided to go for new Intel Haswell CPU.Is it worth it just because of PCI express 3.0, or should i go back to FX-8350?There is allso the question of Mantle.Will Intel be fine with it?

What do you think is more future proof?I am not planing to change anything for at least 4-5 years.
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  1. I don't see the need for 16GB of ram.

    You also might need a CPU cooler. I recommend the Noctua NH-D14, you'll most likely need to change to low profile RAM in order to compensate for the size of the cooler.

    Once you go Intel, you never go back. ;)

    Jokes aside, that rig should easily last at the very least, 4 years.
  2. Ofc, i am not going with stock cooler. Noctua is awesome, but i doesn't match my color scheme and it's the size of my head. xD I thought something like Cooler Master Seidon 240m or something like that.Didn't decide on that one yet. :)
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    PCIe Gen3, in terms of graphics cards doesn't matter, modern cards cant even saturate Gen2 8x and that isnt going to change anytime soon. PCIe3 is more of a future proofing measure to pave the way for PCIe based storage mediums and more professional applications.

    Intel i5 vs FX8350 is a massive can of worms and you'l probably never get a clear answer. But at its most basic level, Intel has the better single-threaded performance (typically is what impacts on games) and the AMD has better Multi-threaded performance (multi-tasking such as gaming and streaming, or professional applications like video editing) as well as just having more threads.
    Mantle has to do with the graphics card, your CPU shouldn't matter with it.

    Whether its future proof really depends what you mean by that. Will it max out games in 4-5yrs as is, not a chance, is it easily upgradeable, yeah I would say it is, though the Crossfire 280X limits that a bit.
    If your looking at future-proofing a rig, start with the stuff that will last ages. A case is a solid lump of metal, cant exactly become obsolete, so investing in a good one will save you cash in the long run. Dont know if its available where you are, but have a look at the Phanteks Enthoo Primo.
  4. Ty very much for help. :)
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