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So im looking to make my first pc build, i would like to make it compact so its a mini itx build but i was wondering if i should get an i5 4670k or an i7 3770k. I plan on doing gaming in high resolution and some video record/editing. Between the 2 cpu's is a $50 margin ( i7 is $50 more than the i5 ) so i wanted to know if i should go with the i7 or i5.

Also in case anyone here knows, can non-zxx boards overclock? for example, an h75 or something. Since this will be a mini gaming build i went with an msi z77IA itx board, just wanted to know if i could save a few bucks and save performance by going with a non-zXX board
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  1. If you do a lot of recording/editing, the i7 will help, but if you just do it casually, an i5 will suffice.

    Non Z-series motherboards cannot overclock.
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