Need help. Uninstalled graphics driver, now computer gets error code 2A with a black screen.

I've had and used my Computer (self-built) for roughly three years now, suddenly a few days ago i started getting GSODs while playing a game; the problem was apparantly my videocard driver.
I tried downgrading to a previous driver, it didn't help at all.
I tried with microsoft's solutions (increasing the processing time for the graphics or something), that didn't help either.
The last thing i had to try was cleaning up from old drivers using driversweeper/driverfusion; i uninstalled my videodriver in safe-mode and was just about to use driverfusion to clean up, but instead the screen started flickering and eventually it died, and when i restarted i got a black screen with a dr debug error code 2A (initializes different devices through DIM), this is where im stuck.
I've tried changing around my RAM mem sticks, no difference anywhere.
I've tried pulling the plug to the battery, unplugging the power supply cord to the mobo, removing the VGA card (and its powercord) completely and then using the cmos clear jumper - no change after plugging everything in again.
Putting in the vga driver disk from the installation doesn't do anything either.

I don't have access to any other VGA cards, i have two monitors (same type, only one in use).

CPU: intel i7-950
VGA: asus ATI Radeon 5870
Mobo: ATX intel x58 (x58 extreme3)
Power supply: corsair 550w 12v
Monitor: HP L1925

Edit: forgot to mention that without the VGA card in its slot i get another error code: 85 (display errors to the user and gets the user response for error), still black screen.
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  1. Well your driver problems may have been just the card dying, can you try it in a friends computer?
  2. I wonder how would you managed to get a display without the GPU, you have i7 950 CPU, which has no integrated graphics, so be the MB.

    Your GPU is quite old and due to fail anytime or already failed, try to borrow a GPU and test with it.

    And it could be the MB is faulty.
  3. I think the card might be dead as you guys said, i feel like something should work otherwise. I don't have any friend in the area which has a compatible computer where i can double check either.
    I bought the card 3 years and 1 month ago, im gonna try and see if the warranty is still in effect tomorrow.
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