International Shipping for either Radeon 7950 or R9 270X and which is a better choice?

Hey guys, looking for a website that I can get either the 7950 or the R9 270X on but can be shipped way over to the Philippines, as some people may know I am currently building a new PC and will post the pcpartspickers page soon enough and see what people think, but on topic.

I also want to know which one would benefit me overall, as the current laptop lags even when I shoot in gmod. I'm looking to run BF4 as I am going to get it and alot of different games, just looking to run the majority of my games well and without problems.


Edit: If you want specifics, Sapphire 7950.
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    I would say HD 7950.
  2. You might want to calculate import tax, assuming your country has it. It can make a cheap buy much more expensive that just buying it where you are.
  3. I understand about the import tax, Duty rates in Philippines vary from 0% to 65%, with an average duty rate of 10.5%. Some products can be imported free of duty, e.g. laptops and other electronic products. - DutyCalculator

    I'm wondering if there is a website that can guarantee shipping to the Philippines, I know a shop that has the sapphire HD but i'm wondering if the R9 270X or 280X is better than the sapphire HD 7950.

    So as you can see the comparison HD 7950 is in between two cards, better than 270x and worse than 280x.

    And for shopping you can try the retailer may ship to your place, I am not sure. But its good to shop from local stores. Good luck.
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