Device needs to connect to home network from a remote location

I have a ethernet device(not a computer) that needs to connect to my home network from a remote location. I have an old wrt54g with dd-wrt already installed. I see a setting for EOIP that I think will do the trick; however, there is very little information on the internet on how to setup this type of connection. How do I implement?
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    So does your device support IP or is it a layer 2 device only. If it is IP you are going to be much better off trying to find a way to make it work via port forwarding.

    If EoIP is what I think it is a older method of running a layer 2 connection over a layer 3 ip infrastructure. There was some reason it was never really adopted that I forget. The more official method is called L2TPv3. This does pretty much the same thing.

    In either case you are going to need a router on each end. This is just another form of VPN tunnel. This is not a recommended design, the timing within a lan does not tolerate delays very well so if you attempt to go long distance some application will not work correctly. If there is no other way it will work but I am not sure you can run this on dd-wrt routers...but they constantly add things so they may support L2TPv3
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