with i7 just improve ram as graphic performance?

Just wanted verify whether it is true as my friends has been suggesting me of this. He said "There is no need to get a graphic cards if you have an i7 processor with 16gb ram" but i though it was nonsense, without a graphic card, how are it is suppose to do the shading and games? i thought he might be speaking a shared graphic card (on board) can be better than dedicated graphic cards. But would it be true? and is it worth it? any thoughts?
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  1. Extra system memory will make no difference, whatever graphics system the computer has.
  2. If your rig is for gaming a i5 with 8gig ram and a dedicated GPU would be much better than a i7 with 16gig ram and no GPU by a very long shot. Even the integrated gpu on the i7 will not do gaming very well at all.
  3. 8GB of RAM generally costs about $80. 16GB of RAM is generally about $150.

    Would definitely get much better game performance with 8GB of RAM and a $70 graphics card.
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