I have a 64bit system but all my games are 32bit...

So as the title says; i have a 62bit windows 8 system, but everything i install is 32bit... and when i check on the "task manager" it all says 32bit on Smite (game) FC3 blood dragon (game) and so on... does anyone have an answer to this? because I really want to get the power out of my build then running it on a 32bit software/game, because running a 32bit game would affect the frame rate if I have a 64 bit system.. right? well thanks //Robin
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    All it means is the game will only have access to 4GB of ram. For basically every game out there, this is not an issue, and any game that does need more than 4GB... the developer has thought of this and built a 64 bit version which is usually installed along side the 32 bit copy. It won't affect frame rates either. It might affect load times if you are playing something with a lot of transitional loading screens, but frame rates should see no change.
  2. Most every game is 32bit. This is why it's extremely difficult to find a game that uses more than 4GB RAM. Also the game companies do this for the best compatibility. It's always best to have at least 8GB RAM in a gaming rig though (4GB for the game, and 4GB for the OS, drivers, monitoring software, etc.).
  3. Most 64 bit operating systems have subsystems to handle 32 bit code. This is normal, and designed so that a new OS can run new as well as old software. It is "backwards compatible." If an application (game) has a 64 bit version, it will install the 64bit version, for example, Battlefield 4. If there is only a 32bit version, it will install it and the OS will run it.

    All a 64 bit OS does is allow your system to have and address more than ~4GB of total memory (well, there are some other thing too, but). It won't change your frame rate. Your CPU and GPU will have the largest impact on frame rates.
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