Need help deciding between i5 3570K and 4670K.

I am getting a new motherboard, processor, graphics card, and CPU cooler this Christmas. Yes, I do plan to overclock with a Corsair H100i. I am completely torn between the Core i5 3570K and 4670K. It would be ~$50 or so more to go with Haswell versus Ivy Bridge. On one hand, I can get a 3570K and a cheaper motherboard to use and not upgrade until Intel's next socket and DDR4. On the other hand, I can go 4670K and pay a bit more for the newer tech like more SATA 3, PCIE 3.0, and USB 3.0 as well as more of a potential for upgrades (Broadwell). Keep in mind, price is not much of a factor to me here. Any more that $40-$50 and it would be an issue. I just don't know what option would really be best for me, but I think I will be fine either way.
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    I would go with the 4670k solely on the principal that the 4670k is slightly faster in all aspects- except maybe discrete graphics, but thats not a problem seeing as you're installing a graphics card-

    FURTHERMORE; Going forward, you'll have the option to upgrade all your parts, and capitalize on some of the pretty fabulous boards that the 1150 socket has to offer.
  2. I keep leaning more toward the newer chip. I believe that I will get an i5 4670K and a Gigabyte GA-Z87X-UD4H to accompany it. Are there any other boards out with good power delivery and similar features that may exist at a lower price point? I generally try to stick with Gigabyte for motherboards but I've heard Asus are good as well. Thanks for the reply!
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