hdmi problem to connect PC(not laptop) and TV Panasonic

with the laptop the connection work fine, however with desktop pc i cannot success, these are the details:
readon 7700 hd series windows 7 86x
i downloaded the last driver.
i hope to find some suggestions cause no one could help me so far, brgds :)
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  1. you are probably outputting the wrong video signal to your tv. what tv do you have? try outputting 1080p60. although i would imagine your computer should detect the tv settings automatically.
  2. so thats the problem, the computer doesnt detect the tv at all :/
    i have LCD Panasonic TH-L32U30M
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    Hey friend i was facing the same problem with my lappy. I got the problem solved as i changed my resolution settings. So your work is find your tv resolution(from net or from your tv manual) then just change the settings. But for that i think you have to connect a device which shows display from your pc as withoout seeing anything you cannot change the settings :). It was easy for me as i was connrcting lappy on which i was able to see dual displays.
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