Sata power extention cable - wiring question

I have a power supply that has the 5 wire sata power cable (orange,black,red,black,yellow) and I bought a sata power extension cable on ebay that only has 4 wires (black,red,black,yellow)

So my question is, is it ok to plug the 4 wire extension cable to the 5 wire power cable and then into a hard drive?
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    Yes, that's ok. The only thing the adapter is missing are the 3.3V wires. The drive can operate with only the 5V (logic board), 12V (drive motor), and Ground wires connected. Very few (if any) drives actually use the 3.3V wires anyway.

    The pinout diagram can be found here if you're interested:
  2. from what i know, HDD (and probably CD/DVD) use 12V and 5V, and SSD use just 5V. so the orange 3.3V is currently irrelevant.
  3. I think understand now, each wire have 3 pins at one end, the 3 pins for the orange wire is new & not commonly used for now.

    I thought I bought a faulty connector at first since it was sent from china but the wires seem to be in the correct order. Better safe than sorry

    thanks for the input
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