SSD Samsung vs Kingston

Samsung SSD 840 EVO 120GB OEM
Kingston SSDNow V300 120GB 2.5" OEM
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    Doesn't have kingston on there, but shows price and performance comparison.
  2. I'd recommend Samsung. Samsung has the best over-all quality because they manufacture all the hardware for their SSD's. Where as Kingston will buy from miscellaneous suppliers (Taiwan).
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    In terms of performance, it looks like the Samsung has faster reads than the Kingston, but slower writes.


    Sequential Read Up to 540MB/sec
    Sequential Write Up to 410MB/sec
    Random Read (4KB, QD32) Up to 94000 IOPS
    Random Write (4KB, QD32) Up to 35000 IOPS
    Random Read (4KB, QD1) Up to 10000 IOPS
    Random Write (4KB, QD1) Up to 33000 IOPS


    Sequential Read: Up to 450MB/sec
    Sequential Write: Up to 450MB/sec

    Random read and write performance was not shown for the Kingston.

    Keep in mind that these figures are accurate only if you connect them to a SATA 6Gbps controller. If they are connected to a 3Gbps controller, sequential read and write performance drops to around 240-260MB/sec.

    Both drives have 3 year warranties from their respective manufacturers.
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