AMD vs nVidia

both are quality graphic cards manufacturer's and surely we all have had our preference over the years. But what do users prefer and why.
AMD Radeon ?
NVidia GT ?
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  1. Over the years I have owned and supported both for my clients, however, my experiences have been that Nvidia's boards have shown to be more problematic (i.e. driver crashes, general failures). That's not to say that AMD/ATI boards have been perfect, just less problematic in my experiences.

    I go for whatever the best price/performance is at the price range I'm looking for, but tend to favor AMD/ATI, due to my experiences.
  2. dont prefer either. prefer to buy whats gives the best performance for the money i have at the time. doing it any other way is doing your system a disservice.
    i see a lot of people crowing about amd poor driver support, but ive been using amd for the last 4 years with no issues with drivers. the main 1s appear every 2-3 months with beta releases in between. ive never had an amd driver kill a card thats for sure yet amd still get slated for poor driver support that was only an issue back when they were called ATI radeon.
    so yeah i buy performance not a brand.
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    I always used Nvidia cards right back as far as the Geforce 2mx 64mb. Yes that's right it had 64mb of memory:lol:
    When I got windows vista I had a Nvidia 8800 and I had hundreds of crashes and blue screens of death. That put me off Nvidia and I bought a AMD 6850 1gb. Then I bought my AMD 7850 2gb and have been really happy with my AMD graphics cards with no problems crashing. I will soon buy an AMD 280x 3gb:)
    Maybe one day i'll have problems with AMD cards and get fed up enough to go back to Nvidia:)
  4. good replies. To me seems to be over the years say in gaming with he COD series runs better on NVidia and BF series runs better on ATI aka AMD.
  5. +1 to all the above some games run better on 1 or the other so if you are playing a wide variety just buy whats best value for your budget.
  6. I have always been an NVidia Card user. Never tried AMD but with this R9 card coming out which look interesting. Might buy me a R9290X in a week or two.
  7. i would wait till theres 3rd party coolers available mate... currently the coolers that are available are noisy and run hot. give asus, palit and gigabyte a few weeks and you will see new collers arrive that will alow the cards to be overclocked as well as run quietly.
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