USB 3 drive slows down, halts for seconds, overall very slow

I have a Samsung 1 TB USB 3 drive. I used it with my old laptop, there was no problem with it, although there was just USB 2.0 port on that laptop (with Win7)

I bought a new PC, the motherboard is an MSI Z87 G43 and it has 3.0 usb on it. (windows 8.1)

I start copy to the PC and it start around 60 MB/s, then it slows down and stops then after a few seconds it starts again and stops and starts and so on.

What might be the problem here?
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  1. you are limited by your CPU and the speed is based on both the drives, is the drive in your PC USB 3.0 or better because if not that is a limiting factor, I would say your CPU isn't coping for fluctuating speeds however
  2. The CPU is intel core i7 4770k
  3. Dublin_IE said:
    The CPU is intel core i7 4770k

    damn ok I am stumped, unless you have loose hard drive connection, or you have a WD hard drive, they have nasty habits of dyeing on you.
    Also if you are running windows 8.1 they screwed up USB 3.0 so of you have 8.1, go and yell at microsoft
  4. It sounds Ok one drive is reading and the other is writing, so the read will be faster than the writing.
    The USB 3.0 is much faster than the USB 2.0 so this will happen now.
    If you need to 'prove' this just connect to the USB 2.0 port, although on this new machine it many run faster than on the laptop.

    I would imagine that just accessing a file or program on the disk runs fine.
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