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Alright can someone please explain to me everything about the motherboards and processor compatibility, cause I need to understand for future upgrades. I do not certain features that have to do with them such like, sockets, chipsets, etc. What is compatible with what? This is all so overwhelming to learn. I have a intel i7-4770k and a Z87-A asus motherboard. I just dont understand all this hardware and its really frustrating! What are chipsets, sockets, motherboards, types of processors (Ivy, Haswell, etc)? I know everything in general but I cant differentiate. BTW what are the best of each these, just so I can have a better perspective. Thanks!
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    Ok, first of all you need too know what brand is your cpu, in your case it is intel.
    Then, you need to see what socket is your Cpu, you can find that in the products website.
    Your CPU is LGA 1150, your motherboard has to be the same socket as your CPU for it to work.

    Manufacturers make different chipsetes for different needs.
    The main intel chipsets with the main features are:
    Z87 is the high end chipset, supports SLI or Crossfire and Overclocking
    H87 doesnt support OC
    H81 is the low end chipset, doesnt support SLI/Crossfire nor Overclocking

    There are different generations of Processors and they have different codenames:
    Intel generations from old to new(Core i) and how to identify them:
    Nehalem-only 3 numbers
    Sandy Bridge-start with a 2
    Ivy Bridge-start with a 3
    Haswell-start with a 4

    Intel has different letters after the number.
    S-Low power sonsumption
    T-Even Lower Consumption
    P-no GPU
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