Games NVIDIA don't support crash now on windows 8.1

Forgive me but I've been looking a lot for solutions in the past, recently had an update of windows and NVIDIA on the same day, hoped it was the solution of my prayers.... Still no idea what it helped that update:heink:.

There might be some answers now, I looked a little around and just got lost because of all issues with 8.1 and nvidia, I didn't find any so that's why i just begged forgiveness. :ange:

I got the windows 8.1, NVIDIA GeForce GT 640, new desktop pc from just perhaps a month before the update to 8.1 and suddenly 2 of my most favourite games crash after a couple minutes. (civilizationV and stronghold3)

The previous time I went looking for solutions I found one that made the graphics better but it still crashes. Someone, I think on this site, posted to turn of stereoscopic 3D from the config screen.

It's still turned off, I tried a couple compatibility modes and those don't even let me start the game!

Anyone got some advice, help or links plz?
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  1. Make sure Windows 8.1 is fully patched, grab the latest 8.1 driver for the GT 640 (331.65), and also make sure Civ 5 and Stronghold 3 are both fully patched themselves.

    Accortding to the Windows Compatibility Center, Both Civ 5 and Stronghold 3 are fully compatible with Windows 8.1:
  2. Aha, ty so far, certainly for the fast reply, tho idk how to update my games(, got them on steam,). After reading a little more on this good site, I went to the site from NVIDIA, which isn't that easy and got the 326.01 driver, now my firefox web screen flashes each time it moves or changes page...

    Ok, right after installing what you adiviced it seemed wurse so I restarted and those, (firefox) webbrowser issues, seem to be gone.
    I tested and this time the game crashed with windows report, unlike the previous times.

    Windows and NVIDIA are up to date and I have no idea how to update civilizationV, so far it always updated without my knowledge...
  3. Games through Steam are always kept up to date, so you don't need to do anything there.

    I'm taking a bit of a shot in the dark here, but try downloading MemTest86+, burn it to a CD or write it to a bootable flash drive with YUMI (Google that and you'll find it pretty quick) and run a RAM test. Let it go for at least a few hours and see if it turns up any errors.
  4. Hmmm, that sounds kinda like the rootkit scan from norton which I did not long ago...
    I got the "medium" norton, for 3 pc's, I scan a lot and have about everything on top security.

    Ah so far an update, played rage for free on steam and had no problem for 8 hours.
    Will try that memtest then I guess, sure doesn't look easy so I'll do it another time.

    Thanks so far.
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    Bump! Has there been any life on this...NVIDA GX650 TI melts playing Civ 5 Brave New World...
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