Power supply for EVGA 770 & 780

If im using a low power system would it be alright to get a platinum certified PSU like this it meets the amp requirements and with the max power drawl my rig is still under the total W provided with the card at 100% power drawl ( 230w )
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  1. That PSU can run a single 770 or a single 780.
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    The big complaint about the Antec EarthWatts Platinum models is that the fan noise is audible even at low loads because the fan is running at 1000 RPM even when there's no reason for the fan to be running that fast. At high loads the fan runs at 1800 RPM.

    The EarthWatts Platinum models also suffer from loose voltage regulation.

    What makes me stay away from recommending them is the use of an 85°C rated CapXon electrolytic capacitor on the primary side.
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