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So just recently I updated my BIOS to the newest available version, and had to re-overclock my CPU. Of course while looking through the new BIOS menu I hit the wrong option. Instead of manually overclocking my CPU, I hit the option that automatically tries to find an overclock for your configuration. Once the board ran through it, something bad happened. The board shows an error while booting, it says CPU FAN ERROR. I thought that maybe it is reporting it wrong because the fans on my CPU cooler were working and so I searched online for solutions (on my laptop). I found an option to turn off Q control and I did but it did not help with the error. Upon further investigation it turned out that the board wasn't lying because the temperatures of my CPU were at 158 F or 70 C degrees! Also my cooler's lights turn red. Any ideas on what happened? Are the fans too slow or something? Did something happen to my cooler?
Here are my specs:
CPU: 3930K
Cooler: H100i
Board: Asus P9X79 Pro

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  1. 100F or 100C? If it's F as you say, that is not overheating at all.
  2. I edited my original text. The temps start at 100 F and quickly climb to 158 F or 70 C.
  3. I'd reset bios to default and start over. Probably too high voltage in the auto overclock.
  4. Thanks for the quick reply! First thing I did was reset the BIOS to optimal settings within the BIOS menu. Should I hit the clear CMOS button on the mobo itself? Would that do anything different?
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    I would also reset cmos as well, get both back to default.
  6. Perfect! The CMOS clear helped it out! Oh my god I was freaking out over here
  7. Excellent! Glad it worked.
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