Upgrading 4 year old build (advice)

Ok, getting close to upgrade time and Ineed some guidance. Current Build is as follows:

CPU : Intel I7-920
Memory : 24GB (cause I could...)
GPU : AMD HD6990 4GB
Resolution : 5040x1050

My Options are:
New MB and New CPU
Another HD6990 4GB (Quadfire!!! but would assume bottleneck @ CPU)

Inputs greatly appreciated. Budget is ~$500, Time Frame is sometime between now and tax return season.

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    an i7 920 is roughly on par with an FX 6300 , so its still capable enough to handle games .

    If everything else is working well and you just want to improve game performance for $500 then

    a pair of GTX 670's or 760's in SLI ?
  2. Crap, I left that part out.... if I went Xfire/Sli I would have to buy a new Case, as my current case (Silverstone Raven RV01) is horrible for airflow, and poorly designed for internal liquid cooling (without heavily moding the case) In the past, before the HD6990, I ran 2 x GTX560ti's Sli, and constantly had issues with one of the cards running in the 90c range (confirmed with GTX275 sli test as well) Ment to put that in my first post. I can still run most games in Ultra between 30-50fps (5040x1050) May hold off until the next CPU node is achieved... Why do computer parts have to be so damned expensive lol!?!?!

    Thanks for giving me something to think about with the 2 cards, but if I were to go with 2 cards, and still spend the same as I would with the cards you mentioned, why not just get a 2nd HD6990 and Quadfire? (other than the overheating issues, which I can address with a different case)
  3. I dont think a 6990 would be available , but if it was I think its performance would not be as great
  4. I know more GPU's does not also make it better, but how would 4 x 6970 (essentially, but slightly less with 2 x 6990) be less performance over xfire/sli of a midrange card?
  5. That being said, 660ti sli is a 15% increase in performance over 6990 Quadfire.... And those aren't that expensive... Might even be able to budget 3x Sli if I can manage the heat.

    50% increase 3-Way Sli over 6990 Quadfire.... Seriously considering lol. Still worried about a bottleneck @ cpu.
  6. Three way crossfire/SLI gives a poor return with the third card often giving very little benefit in the tests I have seen . Maybe better drivers have helped that . I dont know. But I doubt it . VRAM is mirrored so two 2 gig cards in SLI only have 2 gig of RAM and not 4 . At some point that has to be a wall you can hit

    But two way can make sense

    And a pair of GTX 760's would transfer to a new build at some time in the year or so
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