why is my 700w power supply not working with my new rig?

i have a corsair gs700 power supply i am building a new rig and i got everything put together and hit the power but all i get is a green led on the motherboard the fans dont come on and it dosent boot im running a gtx 780 and a sabertooth motherboard with an i7-2600s the power supply works when i put it back in my old setup however when my patience wore out i tried putting my 780 in my old setup and i got the hp start screen then a single short beep code which to my understanding means there is a psu issue and it wouldnt boot it is there something wrong with my psu or do i just need more power?
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  1. You have more than enough power , might be defective , RMA it.
  2. 700 watts should be enough...maybe a bad 780 is my guess
  3. Start by going through this step by step to make sure no mistake was made
  4. when i plugged the 780 into my old setup it lit up and the fan started im thinking it might be a problem with my new sabertooth being stuck in stand by mode somehow this is my first build so please excuse my ignorance if this is way off
  5. windows 8 or 7
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    there might be something in the bios I know I had an hp once that you had to change some stuff in the bios to get it to read a gpu...some kind of lock out or some shit.
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