to know a specific graphic card works 100% with processor lower than its best match

HI Guy's
I have MB DH61WW with PCIe*2.0 x16 .Processor i3 2100 3.1 Gz..Video card Geforce 210 1GB (ASUS) already. Monitor resolution is 1366 x 768. . 6gb of DDR3 RAM .But i am not satisfied with my Graphic card, I decided to buy GT 440 which will run all games in 1366x768 (known from game debate )i am not sure . but many websites declared it as unavailable now in India .So wish to buy Geforce GTS 450 ( ) in this it's best match processor is i5 3.2 Gz but i have i3 processor .with this i get confused that i3 processor may reduce the performance of GTS 450 card .I dont know what Graphic card should i need to buy for my i3-2100 3.1 Gz. I need a graphic card with price less than 7000 indian rupees and run all games with my resolution. I may be going to buy this card only after 2014 .so anyone can give me a answer for this.

so please answer to any of the following questions,
1) The Geforce GTS 450 will work with 100% performance with my i3-2100 or not?
2) Give me shopping links for Geforce GT 440.
3) Give me a Graphic card model that run all games with Resol. 1366x768 with low cost than 7000.
Plese help me whoever reading this question.(sorry for any grammatical error)

THANKS in advance whoever going to answer my question
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    any of the newer gpu will run at your monitor output. the i3 wont hold any of the cards back because the video output so low. at the high output of 1900. the i3 might hold back some of the higher end gpu.
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