How to change download speed.

Hi, My current adsl is from zte company which does not have wifi option in it so i have connected my previous adsl which was from beetel to use my wifi as well.
My problem is when i try to login into beetel portal it does not accept username and password.
So how to login into my adsl portal?
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    try admin for both username and pw
  2. Is your problem you can't get into the device or you can't get the beetel device to connect ZTE network. Not knowing the password to the device itself is pretty much the standard reset the device to factory which you will have to look up for that model.

    The login password to the network itself you should be able to get into the ZTE and look in the WAN section and it should have a PPPoE userid and password. You need to copy that into the new router. If the router does not display the password you will need to contact the ISP and ask them....normally they give you all this stuff at installation time.
  3. Thank you very much, but my main concern is that i want to limit the download speed at 50-60 kbps as i am running an internet cafe and i don't want that customers download to much things as the speed now is 150-275 kbps.
    So if i can limit the speed at 50-60 kbps then they can only browse at higher speed but can't download much things.
    Please reply and thanks again...........
  4. You are not going to be able to do that with a consumer grade routers. You will need a device that can apply traffic shaping rules to flows.

    Now there are some advanced consumer grade routers that can limit bandwidth to a point. You would have to limit the download bandwidth on each ip to 50k. You would have to put in different groups for each IP and there is a limit to how many groups the router will support. 10 your might do but it would be a pain to support. Still these routers have very crude abilities on how they handle burst rates.

    I suspect your equipment does not have the feature you will need to accomplish any form of bandwidth limitation.
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