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I came into a pair of Yamaha HS80M for free and I've really been looking to upgrade from my desktop speakers. I have to admit I'm quite lost and was hoping for some short guidance in hooking them up properly. I'd hate to have these speakers and not even be using them properly so had a question or two!

First off! Would an RCA cable with an adapter plugged into the speaker, and a 3.5 mini audio jack plugged into my PC be acceptable? and if that isn't really a great idea (quality wise especially) is it worth investing in a sound card?

When I do get these hooked up, should I also invest in a sub-woofer?

Thanks in advance, also I'm mainly going to be playing genres like trap, electro house, etc (I have quite a collection of FLAC files as well), and I watch quite a bit of movies / gaming on my PC.
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  1. if the speakers (they want you to register to download the product guild). have a digital input port on the back i would use a sound card for better sound going to the units. you also get better sound with a sub in games when there are explosions.
  2. Sorry, I don't understand what you mean by they want you to register to download the product guild?

    Anyway, looking at the manual online (and the back) the only way to connect them is with an XLR, or phone jack. I have RCA cables with a phone jack adapter (TRS) for both. I'm still unsure of how I should connect them to my PC though. Do I get the RCA to 3.5 mini phone jack, and if I do that how do I set up both to plug into my PC properly for left and right? I know my MOBO has a center / sub port if I decide to purchase a sub though. But seems like only one audio in port, and the rest are for rear speakers.
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