Single card GPU for 3 monitor Gaming

Hi guys,
I am more of an NVIDIA fan than ATI but I am working with
3 BenQ XL2420 monitors
MSI Z87-G41 PC Mate Motherboard
4770k haswell cpu
16 GB of kingston hyperx RAM
GTX 650 TI (1GB)
500GB hard drive (I SSD, when it gets cheaper, I will get one).
I don't wish to overclock so what would your single card gpu recommendations be to play all modern games on medium to high settings for a budget of approximately $300-$350. I do not wish to go sli or xfire. I was viewing the GTX 770 but I need a pros opinion.

Thank you in advance for your replies.
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    Well even with a GTX 770 you would really want to go SLI for gaming at 5760x1080,3x 1080p. Surround or Eyefinity will push a lot of pixels and your best bet for a setup like that would be Crossfire or SLI.
  2. The motherboard I have only can do Xfire an I am not an AMD fan.. So single card would help.
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