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I have recently built my own PC that is running windows 7. And I have an old 1TB hard drive (Also has windows 7 on it and old files) from my last computer that the CPU died out on. Is there any way that I can use it as a second hard drive for my new computer.
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    just connect the drive and then move your personal files to the new hard drive then format the old drive and use it as a storage drive or backup drive.
  2. Yes you can.
    simply set your first boot device to your new Hard Drive From bios.
    and its done.
    you will be able to use both Hard Drives but your OS will load from your new Hard Drive.
  3. use it in the second sata slot format it and made a storage drive with it .
  4. ^ Agree with the above should be no problem at all. I have 6 3tb hard drive's in my system for games, movies, music and such. I see no problems with that at all.
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