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I am running a core i7 950, Win 7 64 bit, 12 gigs of ram, and HD 7970 OC.

I want to get a new processor tomorrow, and I am not quite sure what to get. I have to buy a new motherboard with it also... I was thinking of getting the i7 4930, but I can't really find any benchmarks for it. I am looking for a cpu upgrade that will last me a couple of years and I got about 700 to spend.
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    What is the main purpose of this computer? With that graphics card, I'm assuming mostly gaming.

    That budget affords an i7 4770k, a nice cooler, and a good high-end motherboard, all suitable for overclocking and some major future proofing.

    Just an example:
  2. That cpu is almost 600 bucks on newegg how much do you plan on a board? That's a Ivy bridge cpu as well have you considered a I5 4670 or a I 7 4770? better deals on those
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