How to enable disabled Intel HD graphics?

Hi to all from Toms,

I am in a bit of a tough situation. Long story short, I randomly started getting unplayable frame rates on Battlefield 4 (3-4fps) after running it just fine on 60+ fps since release.

After further investigation I found that the game was trying to run from my Intel graphics, instead of my GTX 680, hence the unplayable frame rate. Who knows how or why this happened, but unfortunately I have a bigger problem now.

After running out of options to fix this problem, I made the stupid mistake of disabling my Intel HD graphics, leaving me with a black screen. I have now have no display and I am unable to do anything.

Is there a way I can somehow enable the Intel graphics again? Thanks for any assistance.

i5 2500
Asrock z77E-ITX
Gainward Phantom GTX 680
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    you get the blank screen if your plugged into the motherboard video port. look on the back of your pc the gpu will be on the pci slots. that video should still be working if there no issues. if there a hardware issue and both ports are not working anymore. power your pc off and drain the power then clear the cmos. whe nyou clear the cmos the onboard ipgpu will turn back on.
  2. Thanks for the quick answer, Smorizio. I feel like an idiot, I must have plugged the dvi-d into the motherboard instead of the GPU when I tested something a day or two ago. Thanks again.
  3. take the video cord that is plugged in on the motherboard and put it on the gtx 680 make sure the computer is off before doing this
    then turn on after switching the cord and you should have video from the gtx 680 the play Battlefield 4 you will see much better fps
  4. Help i have a laptop this did will not work please help me this laptop is like 1 day old please
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