what cpu's do my motherboard support

I have a pre build acer aspire x3450 desktop I have swithched to a med case and a 500w psu

As my gpu (asus gtx 660ti) apparently will be bottlnecking because of my cpu I wanna know what cpu my motherboard supports and maybe recommend one so I have no bottleneck budget of £150-£180
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  1. Find out what CPU you have, look up your CPU, and then tell me what the socket is and then I will be able to help you.
  2. so you have a motherboard with a cpu already in it and the cpu is a am3 correct
  3. Yes that is correct it already came with this as it is pre built here are the specs to make it easirr for u

    Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit AMD AthlonTM II 645 quad-core processor AMD RadeonTM HD 4250 graphics 6GB DDR3 memory 2TB Hard drive

    I have got 500w psu and a new mid gaming case apparrently im only alloud 95w cpu 
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    im in Australia so the price may be different but have a look at these two websites there's to that uses 95 WATS and there
    there are 2 have look at this website (shows how many wat this amd processer uses look at the am3 ones

    And heres parpicker it shows estimated wattage

    and theres fx 6300 fx 4300 fx 4100 fx6100 hope this help remember always to look at what socket it has and to find wattage google or look at part picker
  6. So a fx 6300 would be compatible
  7. Cheers after thil ill pick best answer
  8. sgxmodz said:
    Cheers after thil ill pick best answer

    glad i can help yes 6300 will be compatible with a amd3+ motherboard
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